How Much Will It Cost to Ship a Car to Another State?

You’re moving to another state and you want to take your car with you? Or, maybe you’ve bought a vehicle that is located far away from you, and you now want it transported to your location? Those reasons, and many more, can have you thinking one thing. You don’t really want to drive such long distances, do you? So, you have to think about finding another solution.

If you’re considering taking a road trip, though, you may want to understand both the pros and the cons of it: 

Anyway, given that you’re here, it’s safe to say you are looking for a different solution. What’s more, it’s safe to say that you think you have found it. It’s called car shipping. This is the option of having professionals transport the vehicle to another state, without you having to sit behind the wheel and worry what the road may bring your way. It is safer, and it is much more convenient.

It also comes at certain costs. And, that may be the only thing stopping you from finally using the services. Not the fact that you’ll have to pay for them, because that is already perfectly clear to everyone and you understand the necessity of paying for services. What’s stopping you is the fact that you don’t know how much you will have to pay, and that’s what we are here to get to the bottom of right now.

What Does the Cost Depend on?

Before I start throwing some numbers at you, let us make one thing clear. The service won’t cost you and, say, your friend, the same. Why? Because there are specific factors that impact the prices, and you and your friend may be in completely different circumstances. Thus, what you need to do first is understand the elements that play their roles in the prices, as that will give you a clearer idea about how much your specific service may cost.

  • Distance

The first factor is the most logical one. Basically, when wondering how much it will cost to transport a car to another state, you will always have the distance in mind. And, you will know that the distance will play a part in the quote. The longer the actual journey, the more money you will have to pay for the vehicle to be transported, and that is completely logical.

  • Vehicle Type

The above, however, is not the only factor that will impact the costs. This may not be quite logical to you right from the start, but the type of your vehicle will have a say in the actual price. This is why. Vehicles come in different sizes and they also weigh differently. The size and the weight will influence the expenses, because of how much room your car will take up on the transporter. Now it’s logical, isn’t it?

  • Trailer Type

Moving on, there is also the trailer type to consider. You can choose between open and enclosed ones. With the enclosed ones being slightly more expensive, given that they offer an additional layer of security for your vehicle. The open trailers are also rather safe, though, so don’t worry if you go for that option.

  • Shipping Dates

Did it ever occur to you that the shipping dates could affect the prices as well? Probably not. But, it’s true. The costs can differ from one date to another, which is why a lot of people use shipping cost calculators to check the prices for different dates before making any decisions. Click this to better understand the actual benefits of shipping, if you’re still not clear on those.

  • Delivery Timeframe

If you are in a hurry to get your car delivered to the new location, that can be arranged. Yet, that will also cost you more. Using the expedited services is bound to be a bit more expensive, but it is definitely worth the money if you need the transportation to be completed as soon as possible.

  • Shipping Company

One more thing to know. The shipping company you choose will actually have the final say in the costs of the services. Meaning, therefore, that the ultimate number will depend on them as well, in addition to depending on all of those factors mentioned above. Thus, take your time to choose wisely and go for a company that is fair with the prices.

So, How Much Will This Cost You?

You’ve understood what the prices will depend on, but now you want to get at least an approximation of how much you will actually have to pay. Depending on all of those factors I’ve mentioned above, the price can be as low as $500 and as high as $2,500, with the average being somewhere around $1,200. The best thing to do is get a few quotes from a few different pros and then choose the most favorable solution for you.