3 Steps to Kickstart Your Truck Driving Career

3 Steps to Kickstart Your Truck Driving Career

The trucking industry is an interesting one because it runs countless industries in the United States through the supplies it delivers on a daily basis, all while generating hundreds of thousands of jobs. If you’ve been looking to get into this industry, you may be interested in learning that there’s a lot of room for growth, and you can aim for great success throughout your career, but since there’s a ton of competition and people vying for the same spot you’re hoping to be in, you’ll need to be at the top of your game, differentiating yourself in the right ways and showing the company you’re trying to work for why you’re the driver they should go with. 

Getting training

The first step to kicking off any long-term career is, of course, to get the right training because, while you don’t need a particular degree or level of education to be a truck driver, you will need to be able to drive incredibly well and perform your deliveries consistently. The first step in your mission to get the right training is to find a suitable truck driving training school since these institutions perform a lot of different tasks at once, including giving you more than enough hands-on experience with the trucks you’ll have to drive throughout your career, as well as book and board learning that will get you up to speed with other important parts of your future job, such as how you’ll be performing truck repairs on the road and what the different traffic laws of each major city are. 

The next step is getting a CDL, or commercial driver’s license, which will allow you to drive a major vehicle such as a truck for commercial reasons. Having both of these things on your resume will indicate to any company you apply to that you’ve done all the hard work already and are ready to get your career started, which will make it far more likely that you’ll get a job.

Getting experience

It’s important to remember that the trucking industry, like a lot of major businesses, has a lot of competition and a lot of people trying to go for the same spot as you. The best way to compete here, once you’ve gotten the required training, is to boost your resume with some experience that has to at least be partially related to the job you’re trying to get. This means you’ll have to go for a lot of internships and training programs, as well as entry level jobs at the companies you’re hoping to get a more permanent job at. If you’re looking for truck driving jobs in Iowa, for example, a great tip you could use is to find a job as a repairman at one of these companies or even apply for more advanced training that they provide, after which you’ll get the job you’re looking for immediately. 


Networking is another incredibly important thing you can do for your job and your future in general since having the right connections and knowing the right people can open up a lot of doors and present great opportunities years down the line. Groups like the American Trucking Association allow members of all types, and if you join, you’ll be able to talk to professionals in your field and how they got there, as well as get in touch with higher-ups who could even be able to offer you a job. 


The trucking business is an incredible opportunity for millions of people because it requires few qualifications and no degrees, allowing people with the right amount of dedication to find steady work that they can use to feed their families. If you want to get into this industry for the same reasons, however, you’ll have to make that extra effort to ensure you’re always a step ahead of the pack, and by showing that you’re a leader, you may be able to ascend the ladder in no time. Whatever the case may be, if you use the information in this article, you’ll be able to land the trucking job of your dreams, all while you’re earning more than you thought possible.